Save a download into a folder?

I want to be prompted to save a file and where, when downloading from internet, at the moment it defaults to a folder not allocated, loaded Windows 7 yesterday, and downloaded AVG & Thunderbird, and I have to find them, your thoughts most appreciated.:confused:


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Set the download directory to the desktop. It will then remember that setting.

95% will anyway. You might find an occasional onr that downloads to the downloads directory


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If you are using IE8, I don't think there is an option to change the default directory. (At least I have never found one) It normally defaults to the last known download. But on initial use, it's default is C:\Downloads

You can designate one of you choice, with a registry entry, if you are happy with doing that?

Make a backup of your registry first!

  1. In the left hand pane navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
  2. Right click on the white region of Regedit's right hand pane, click New, and then click String Value
  3. Enter Download Directory for the name of the new DWORD Value and press Enter. The new value should now appear in Regedit's right-hand column.
  4. Right click the new value and choose Modify.
  5. Click Modify and set the Value Data field to be the path to the directory you want IE to send downloads, (for example, C:\Temp) then click OK.
I should add that, if you use Firefox, it is much easier. There you get the option to designate a download folder

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(Not Prompted to Specify Download Folder for File)

To add another option to what's been suggested :

(for any downloads including bittorrents)
Free Download Manager - absolutely free download accelerator and manager

(for downloading from Microsoft)
Microsoft File Transfer Manager

(for downloading from bittorrents)
Torrent - a (very) tiny BitTorrent client

each of these managers downloads to a custom folder that you set and that you can always check what it is.

Last week I was always being prompted to put downloads into a certain folder. Now I don't always get the option to do this. Some ask, some go directly to temporary files. I can't find any of the above options on my computer. I have windows 7. I think it is a matter of going in and changing a setting. I just don't know where it is. Can anyone give me the simple way. I don't want to install a program to my computer.
Thank You



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Hello and welcome to the Windows7forums,

If you're using Internet Explorer, i'd suggest you select the desktop to save the file in using the Windows Explorer tree view drop-down menu, than all all subsequent downloads will then be placed there as well.

No hunting for any downloaded files.

I just tried this. It didn't work. This is what I did. I went to a site I knew I was being prompted at. When promted I said to put it on the desktop, and it did. Then went to another site that I use to be prompted at. It still goes into a temp file. Then I have drag it to the folder I want it in. It copies it. I'm assuming it works the same as the original. Yes I am using IE The thing that is weird is that I wasn't having this problem until a few days ago. And why is it doing it at some websites and not others. I'm wondering if it's a security setting, that might have inadvertantly gotten changed.
Thank you for your help.


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You might get the prompt every time, but the desktop directory should be where the file is saved to.

I don't know why you;re loosing that functionality

Keep clicking on the Desktop folder, maybe IE will get it eventually

Ok will keep trying. Thank you for the information.

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