Scaling problem within the softwares

Hello all,

I recently got a new Lenovo Y50-70 for Visual Effects and animation with Windows 10 as OS.

I never used Windows 10. As far as I know, all the software I installed are windows 10 compatible. However everything that isn't "windows" is facing scaling issues within the application that can't be modified using control panel display settings.

I'll attach some pictures of the problem:

Here's 3DS max interface where all the tools in the bar (just under File, Edit...) are way too small and the words in the port views (where the are grids) are unreadable.

Even WinRAR is facing the same problem. look at what's written.

And that's Photoshop CS6 work station. Can you work in it?

And that's not all. There are tens of software I downloaded that I can't use because of this.

Please guys help me!!

best wishes

Hello Kemical,

I just found that photoshop cs6 and 3DS max 2015 are not high dpi compatible, so I just have to download the newer versions!

Thanks for your effort


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Hi Joshak,
thank you very much for the update as this may well help others. Nice job! :)

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