Windows 7 Screen flicker, system restore not working, wireless router not working, etc


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So last night we had a power outage which I am guessing might have something to do with my problem. Basically my computer and everything worked fine last night when power came back on, it still worked in the morning, and it still worked when I got back home after work. However, the internet just randomly crashed while I was watching xfinity, and when I rebooted my PC I got this weird screen flicker effect and my internet only works when connected directly to the modem. When I reboot in safe mode, the screen flicker goes away, but the wireless router is still a no go. Whenever I try a system restore (whether from safe mode or regular), I get the following error: "System Restore failed to extract the original copy of the directory from the restore point." I've never taken a system image backup 9as far as I know), so I can't use that. What can I do?
Ok, I fixed my screen flicker issue and network router issue eventually, but am still worried about the system restore issue for future troubleshooting problems. And if I create an image backup now, will it copy the possibly corrupted system restore too (I'm guessing yes)?