Screen windows 7

Hello there,
This form is hidden as part of the normal execution of OEM client. The standard method of hiding this is:
1)set opacity to 0%
2)set shownintaskbar=false
3)in a timer calback,set from visible=false.
This is on my screen every time i start my windows 7 computer.what do i have to do now?

Can you post some screen shots of your issue please?

What form, what OEM client?

What is the make/model of your PC/laptop you're having this issue on?

What if anything has recently changed to the PC/ installs, hardware/driver installs?

Nothing has changed recently... i only installed Skype and Spotify. It's a HP model g62.. it's a very old one so i don't know the name anymore...

Only installed Skype and Spotify....that qualifies as recent changes. Uninstall them both and reboot and see if issue continues.

If you open the battery tray, remove the battery...the specific model is listed inside there.

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