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Codemasters' Formula 1, a bit boring because of each time repeating long intros, but very nice, realistic, and with pleasant enough game play:


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Far Cry 2 Delta Sector:


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Nice Mod, Far Cry 1 or 2?


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Its very pretty isn't it :D

Prinse Of Persia Sands Of Time
ATI 5000
Morphological 8x


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Here is one from Carmageddon 3 TDR 2000 + Max Pack

Looks like no one else on this forum plays games but me.



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I do...I just play them on Xbox360. ;)


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Your far from alone cybercore :shocked:

Here are some from ArmA 2. I'm using the Invasion 44 Mod, which is a really well done WWII mod.


Cool but a bit too black.


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Yeah, as its a mod they decided to alter the colour of the game to 1) make it look different to ArmA's usually lush colour scheme and 2) to give it a Band of Brothers feel.


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Here's one or two from New vegas. Note the Badass Remnant Armor also that Pulse Rifle is no ordinary little puppy neither. It's a Multiplas Rifle and fires 3xDamage of normal pulse weapons. As for mods: I'm running the 'Detailed Normals' mod which gives the ground, rocks and certain surfaces better textures.
A freeplay mod. So I can carry on playing after all is done in the main quest.
Level-cap removal mod. For obvious reasons...

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