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When i try to turn on my laptop, after login i have an error message saying 'Loading script "C:\Windows\run.vbs" failed (Access is denied)' with a black screen behind and i can't do anything afterwards. How can i fix this?

Hi Have you thought about a repair install? I never ran W8.1 but this is what I would try, after trying to restore to another time! Hope this helps! Restore from a Restore Point in Windows 8 - For Dummies
Sorry took so long to answer your thread! This is a tutorial by Shawn Brinks. The best in the business!
Windows 8 introduced the option to refresh and reset your PC to repair or reinstall Windows 8 with as needed. These new features are great for what they are intended for, but there are some drawbacks to them.

When you reset your PC, it will basically give you a clean install (retail) or factory recovery (preinstalled OEM) of Windows 8 afterwards. You will lose everything from your current Windows 8 installation.

When you refresh your PC, this basically repairs Windows 8 by reinstalling it while keeping your files, Store apps, most of your settings, etc..... However, all installed 3rd party desktop apps will be removed. If you like, you could create a custom refresh image to not lose anything, but this will require creating new custom refresh images every so often to keep it updated to not lose anything since the last image was created.

This tutorial will show you how to do a repair install (aka: in-place upgrade install) to fix your currently installed Windows 8 without losing anything. For example, desktop apps.

You must be signed in as an administrator to be able to do a repair install of Windows 8.

Repair Install Windows 8

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  • Press (Windows key + r)
  • Type msconfig
  • Go to the start-up tab and remove the entry for this vb script
  • I would also install something like Malware Bytes and scan your system this script may have been part of a malware infection

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