Search index problem : modify button disabled


I am new to this forum, so I hope this is the right place to post this question.

I have the following problem: I can't add locations to the search index. The modify button is always disabled (see screenshot). Is there a way to solve this ? Does anyone else have/had this problem ?


Hi there, I took a look at the screenshot sent and thank you for that.

Now the options that i have found is that it has nothing to do with the permissions for you to have rights for doing this. A standard user and the administrator both have the option to modify the indexing in windows 7 and now looking at the screenshot i did recognise the modify option being disabled.

Please click on start - control panel- view( small icons or large icons) and the n click on indexing options- you will get to the same window.
Click on start- and type index in the search space- and click on the search results which says indexing and then you get to the same window.

Now just below the disabled modify button click on Troubleshoot search and indexing and check if the system automatically finds or gives you any results as to what exactly is the problem, ( this should give you an idea).

If the results were not of use please go to the same indexing window and click on advanced- and click on rebuild index and, do not stop or do nothing untill it finishes.

Yateesh Varma

Thank you allready for the reply, Troubleshoot didn't help me one bit. I am rebuilding the index as we speek, but this may take a while. I will update the post once finished

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