Second display not detecting and working at the same time?


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Mar 11, 2022
I have this weird issue with the main display not showing an image when the pc is started... i have to plug in a second monitor and then replug the main display to get it to wake up... then i can unplug the second monitor and the main one is working just fine until i restart my pc again. When i have both monitors pluged in it just showes that the second display(the one that is not turning on) is not detected.
how are the monitors hooked up to the Gpu ports, is one hdmi and the other a display cable?
also spiltters can do this when the cable is on the way out
thats hardware and most of the time its one of those two but software can also cause Gpu to stop detecting because the makers drivers have been replaced with some 'one size fits all' crap... have you just done some kind of upgrade?
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