secondary gpu gets code 12 after upgrading to windows 10

windows 10 automatic upgrade from win 7 got stuck again and again so i did a manual install from usb. after upgrading my primary gpu was recognized normally but secondary was not assigned any ressources and got code 12. both gpus are nvidia gtx 285.
i uninstalled all drivers using ddu tool and installed the newest recommended drivers - issue remained. i uninstalled the bus drivers to force reboot - issue remained. opening the notebook to unplug sli and cards and replug them is not possible due to a very complex cooler system.
anyone had a similar problem or an idea how to solve the issue?

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Hi Hutchsky,
it would help us enormously if you could post the make and model of your notebook..

Also before installing Windows 10 did you run the compatibility test?

Have you tried the gpu driver supplied by the notebooks manufacturer?

Of course - sorry. It is a chiligreen mobilitas NU0792 notebook model X8100. Cpu intel core i7 1,73 ghz, 8 gb ram, 2 gpus in sli nvidia gtx 285. Everything is 64 bit based. It runs win 10 home. Gpu driver is currently version 341.95 .
Is anything else regarding the model important?
Yes i ran the test - it said it was fully compatible but apparently not.
Yes i tried the oem drivers but they also had the same issue as the new drivers recommended by nvidia and ms. The old ones were versions 310.70 and 334.89.
Thanks for your help.


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Another way to tell whether your computer or laptop is this instance will work correctly on W10 is to check their website driver support download page. Checking for your Model laptop you posted above in Post #3, I get this page for the X8100:
CLEVO Driver Download

Nowhere on this download page are there any drivers listed for W10, or even W8/8.1/8.1.1. Just looking at this tells me that this laptop might have some hardware compatibility issues with W10. Now it's possible Clevo simply hasn't caught up with updating all of their model's drivers to W10 level, so maybe you can wait a few more months. However, W10 has been out since July 29th 2015; so what are they waiting for?:zoned:

The other bulletproof method that works for us IT types is to pick up the phone and call Clevo support and ask them the question on the phone--I know, actually talk to a real human being!:hide: After doing phone Tech Support for over 30 years I found out that often the Techs who man the Tech Support lines of computer makers often have special insider access to databases that are not published publicly on the Internet. The question "is my X8100 laptop capable of running W10?" may give you a response such as they never intend to update their drivers for that model ever. Or another possible response is that they may ask you to wait a few months as their driver update team is behind on updating the hundreds or thousands of older models to the W10 version. Once those are released, they may indicate your Model should work. I would take that as a positive statement, and not junk that computer just yet--wait for them to get out their new W10 drivers and give it a go!! :up: You may get lucky.:encouragement:

On the other hand if they say definitively absolutely say that model will never work with W10, that's pretty much it for that laptop & W10! sorry to say.:waah:

You could always load a Linux version like Ubuntu on it and use it for general purpose computing??:cool: It appears to be a very expensive and well-made gaming laptop, so that's up to you. ;)

Hope that gives you some insight into this issue.

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