Windows 7 Security messages NOT RESPONDING!

Discussion in 'Windows Security' started by GeorgeN, Sep 14, 2010.

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    Sep 14, 2010
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    Hello guyz, i just install win7 and im trying to install virtual box too.

    Because im very bad with english, lets see the screenshot.


    when i close the "not responding" window from x button, the install rolling back and just close.
    I cant install it. ****ing security. I have tried many many times, with many restarts ..

    Please HELP me!
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    Can you give me some idea what kind od specs your computer has please. What version of windows 7. Are you using Virtual box 3.2.8 (Latest) ? Sounds a little like a permissions problem to me. Did you run the installation as the Administrator ? How many times have you actually tried to install virtual box ? Because you have to completley erase all previous.......Does your computer support a VTx X option in your Bios ? Is it checked ? What about disk space ? Name any other errors you may find- please ?
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