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Windows 7 Security Suites


Noob Whisperer
Nov 30, 2009
While I do not suggest that this article is in any way the definitive authority regarding Internet Security Suite choices, it looks for the most part like their testing process that they employed is sound and relevant.
And I do endorse two of their top ranked products, both Kaspersky and Eset as well as three of their "Stay Away" suggestions, Norton, McAfee and AVG.
Since yesterday I was called by a friend to help him resolve a networking issue at one of his client's offices and after a couple hours of examining everything networking related that I could think of, I suggested uninstalling AVG 2013 from the computers (not an easy solution to sell him on since he is an AVG reseller) but upon the removal of AVG (and replacing it with MSE) all was well with the network. The client was happy and my friend, although a little embarrassed was convinced as well.

Link Removed
I, too, will vouch for this... I have frequently removed other securities from clients machines, replacing w/ MSE & having problems disappear. And 3rd Party firewalls, also.

I always install MSE in clients PC's (after checking this is OK). Even with lower detection rates, it's smaller impact on system resources and unobtrusive interface alone aw enough to sell most people. Not to mention the price of free.

Every 10 months or so AVG sends me an email about next years beta products and every year i test them out for about 2 hours before realizing it's only got progressively worse. Unfortunately he last good version of AVG that balanced resource usage with detection rates and performance was version 7.5 released in 2007 i believe.