Seemingly random blue screens -- usually 2 per day

Hi everyone! I've had an interesting week, but I'll try to give as much information here as I can.

So I custom-built my PC last June (used the HDD from my old comp, which I made in 2006). I had one BSoD; however, since it just happened the once, I never worried about it again. A few days ago, though, I downloaded Minecraft and fired it up. Within 5 minutes, my computer blue-screened. I restarted, tried again, and the screen got all pixelated and the computer froze up. Restarted one more time, and I got another blue screen.

I uninstalled Minecraft and went back to playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, thinking that Minecraft was just screwed up. About an hour later, I got another blue screen. This was all probably 1/26.

Since then, I've done the following, trying to hunt down the problem with the computer. After every step, I've received at LEAST one blue screen.

1. I uninstalled Minecraft.
2. I did a system restore to 1/25.
3. I ran chkdsk (twice, with both scans coming back clean)
4. I ran the Windows Memory scan thing (0 errors).
5. I did a full reformat of my HDD and reinstalled Windows (thinking maybe Minecraft had corrupted an important file.
6. I ran MemTest86 off a usb boot drive. (10 hours, 7 scans, 0 errors)
7. I ran HDDScan 3.3 (note: my SMART report here indicated that I had UltraDMA CRC Errors -- scans wouldn't work.)
8. I ran SeaTools from Sea Gate (note: THIS SMART report indicated nothing was wrong -- every scan came back clean).

I usually receive the Blue Screen while playing game, but lately I've also been getting them while the computer is simply idling. I'm at my wit's end, and I have no ideas left.

I followed the directions from the post here about what you guys want. The RAMMon report is in the Seven file because I couldn't figure out how to attach it to this post. There is also a copy of the CPU-Z Report in there.

I have a couple pictures of the various blue screens I've received on my phone that I can get to you if they're necessary. The only one that seemed remotely useful, though, had Ntfs.sys - Address FFFFF8800130BBFS under the stop message 0x024; however, this was the one I got before I tried reformatting and reinstalling Windows 7.

Any help I can get from you guys would be BEYOND appreciated. I went from thinking it was my RAM to thinking it was my 5.5-year old HDD to now thinking it might be my mobo.

Thank in advance!


Forgot to include this:

My current anti-virus is Windows Security Essentials. I just use Windows Firewall as well. Before the reformat, though, I was rocking Avast! AV with Windows Firewall.

And, just so anyone who can help knows, my system specs are on my profile. I made sure to list them all when I made my account.

So I posted here almost a week ago now with no replies yet, and I'm still having BSoD issues. If no one here has any ideas for me, can I get an idea of where to go from here?

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