Setting very long passwords in Windows 8

For a very specific reason, I want to set very long passwords in one windows account. Currently I have a 65 letter password set in windows. I want to increase it to possibly 500 letter or more. However, it seems I cant set the password to any longer than 65 letters.

Is there a way I can change some field inside windows, such that I can set longer passwords.

I have already tried "Change password policy settings - Windows Help"

to no avail. I am using windows 8 that comes preinstalled with a laptop. Presumably windows 8 home.

I can go into why I want to set a very long password, but its not very pertinent to the discussion.

Thanks for your time.


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The main Microsoft id password is set at their server and cann't be changed from your end. I could make a domain account on a client machine then set the password from MY domain-control 12r2 (or hyper-v) server it sits under because then I have compleat control but 500 keys isn't something I've ever tested.

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