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Windows 7 Sharing files over a network is a nightmare!


New Member
Jan 14, 2009
Am I the only one that thinks that sharing drives over a network becomes more difficult with each new release of Windows? I swear, it's unbelievable. It takes me about an hour to get it working right, and then, about a week later, I suddenly navigate to a folder that I don't have access to, even though I told Windows to share the entire drive. It's maddening!!! I understand the security issue, but it's doing me much more harm than good.
I started using Network Magic Pro by Cisco, it makes networking and sharing of everything so much easier...
The reason why it is harder to share files is because of security. Every product in todays society worries about security and that is what microsoft is doing. There are trying to make it harder for outside individuals who are not supposed to be on a network from accessing files across a network.
But why does it share intermittently? I was able to share just a half hour ago with an XP machine on my network and now I cannot even though permissions are set to allow everyone on the network to view files.
I am having the same problem with 7 not seeing xp and visa versa sometimes it is ok but most not.
I am trying to network my main box Windows 7 with old laptop Windows xp but so far nothing.....
I have deleted and renewed network to no avail.
All I want is to file share from 7 to xp.I need help Please