Shortcuts on the desktop are removed automatically

This is getting to be a real PITA.

I have a bunch of shortcuts on my desktop for applications that I use on a daily basis. (No I don't like pinning. Much prefer my Quick Launch.)

I also have a bunch of shortcuts for some of the games that come with Win7 on the desktop. (Solitaire, Chess, Hearts)

I usually play a game once a day which is why I have them on my desktop. Most times, when I turn on my PC, it removes the games shortcuts. No other shortcut is affected. Only the games. The shortcuts are not even in my recycle bin. They are permanently removed.

I have to go to the Games folder and copy the shortcuts back on my desktop, but if I turn my PC off, and then turn it on again, these shortcuts are gone, again. Weird that it only affects the 3 games shortcuts.

Anyone have any idea why? I haven't received a notification for desktop cleanup like XP always used to give me, which was also a PITA since I use all my desktop icons. Not even sure if Win 7 comes with that feature. Can it be disabled if it does?


EDIT: Forgot to add, I am running Windows 7 Professional 32bit. This is a new install and not an upgrade from the RC.

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Chances are this is just related to the way Windows 7 manages different types of shortcuts.. Game shortcuts always do strange things on my PC as well.. Won't go into depth with that but a workaround I found was:

Find the game's executable (for most built-in games I imagine it would be in the \Windows\system32 directory).

To be sure, launch the game then open task manager and under processes, find the exe that you think is the game, right click and "Open File Location". From here just create a shortcut on the desktop and rename to whatever you want.

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