Windows 7 Sleep


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If I let my computer go to sleep on it's own after 30 minutes of inactivity, it wakes up just fine when I hit any keyboard key:
ScreenHunter_03 May. 13 20.47.jpg

But if I use the 'Sleep' button from the Start --> Shutdown menu,
ScreenHunter_03 May. 13 20.50.jpg
the computer will not resume from sleep. It does turn the computer power button on and you can hear the hard drive spin up, but the monitors remain in a state where they are not getting any input. The only way to get it to reboot is to hold in the power button.

Thanks for any suggestions.
I should add that this is a clean install of Win7 I did after installing a new video card: Radeon HD 7700. On the previous install of Win7 I did not have this problem and the video card on that install was Nvidia GTX260.
I am not sure why one sleep option would work and the other one would not. The only difference I might expect is the amount of time the system has to get ready for sleep.

You can replace the Shutdown option with the sleep option to see if it helps. But if the video card is involved, and from your post, it seems to be a suspect, something is not behaving. Did you remove all the Nvidia drivers prior to installing the Radeon card? You might check msinfo32.exe and msconfig.exe to see if any Nvidia drivers are still showing up.
Thank you for the suggestions Saltgrass, I've tried the suggestions and the problem still happens. There are no NVdia drivers because this is a clean install of Windows with the new video card. Replacing shutdown with sleep does the same thing.

This is not a really a big problem so I'm just going to live with it, All I need to do to work around is just not use the Sleep button and let it go to sleep on it's own. Thanks for suggestions.