Slow Connecting to Network on Windows Start

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    I have a dual boot Pc (Windows 7 64bit / Win XP 32 bit) and I have noticed that when I start XP by the time I have entered my logon details and Windows Desktop has loaded that I am connected to my router and have access to the NET, but with Windows 7 this is not the case it can take up to 30 seocnds after the everything is loaded before I have access.

    This causes problems where some apps that load on startup shutdown as there is no internet access which is an anoyance that I would like to resolve.

    Does anyone know a way of improving this with Windows 7 or is it just that Windows 7 doesn't start network as soon as the machine starts but after you logon

    I am connecting through cables rather than wireless, if it was through wireless I could understand this issue.



    Update: I have recently repalced my router with a 10/100/1000 router from Edimax, but the problem persisted before I switched routers .
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