Slow shutdown

I've had this computer with Windows 7 for about two weeks. Within the past two days, the shutdown process has become extremely slow. Only changes have been updates. Startup time seems about normal. Dell 580 Inspiron with 6gb memory.


Generally speaking slow startups as well as slow shut downs is a good indication of malware and disk fragmentation. Run all spyware, malware and adware software you have, then defrag hard drive.

The cause could also be a USB device, I had a External drive that started to act up and shutdown and start-up took forever. I disconnected all USB devices and then connected each one individually did a shutdown one by one until culprit was found it I found on the second try I got lucky. It was a Maxtor 350 Gig drive that went T#ts Up

Joe S

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Like Sarge said USB external drives can be a problem so can automatic backup software.

Good call Sarge and Joe S. Needed to update drives for my wireless USB Internet adapter. That seems to have the shutdown process back to normal Thanks for the help.


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