Windows 7 Small problem


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So this is a really small problem but its been bugging me for some time now. I have a HP laptop with windows 7 on it. Now i travel allot to and from school. when i do i just put it to sleep instead of shutting it down. I have a password on the computer so other people dont get on. When the pc wakes up it asks for password and there's the blinking cursor in the box but it wont let me type it in until i click in the password box. It doesnt do this when i restart, only when it wakes from sleep. basically i want to be able to open the lid and be able to type the password as soon as it pops up.:D instead i've got to find the mouse and click on the password box.

I know this is a stupid problem but after a few months of this and many different installs of windows 7 it does get allitle annoying. lol. I was thinking maybe a reg. key or something. havent done too much digging into it yet. wanted to see if anyone have had this issue already and took care of it. :razz: