Sneaky Chinese Program: WPS Office, how to remove?


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Somehow this program was installed on my computer without my permission. It doesn't show up in any program list for uninstallation. I did manage to locate WPS in 'services' and disabled it. Still, I'd like to get rid of it entirely. I Googled and found instructions for removal, but it doesn't work for me. Any ideas?

You may disable this app if you have android 5.0 or 7.0


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See if you can spot an uninstall for another suite (renamed from WPS) call Kingston.

Well, I think I got the problem licked. Since there was no way to uninstall the program using normal methods, I decided to go directly to the program in program files (drive C). I deleted the files that were there and now it's finally gone, I hope permanently.


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There might still be some random entries in the Registry. They should trouble you, but, if you know your way around in there, they will be lying in the :

I did find one entry in the registry and deleted it. That still wasn't quite enough until I deleted the entire program. It was hard to kill using normal methods.

I have been using VS Revo Group's Uninstaller Pro for quite sometime now (ever since I installed Windows 10 Pro) and it is a true blessing that I have had it. I downloaded the free version and tried it...I bought the license I liked it so much. This will find and search ALL of the idiosyncrasies of Windows.and will even force uninstall any software that does not have a straightforward uninstall program, however force uninstalling a program using Revo is a lot better than doing it manually (like how you are attempting now and doing this :furious:)...


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I don't think you need worry about it anymore, Hermitkrab. If you have manually deleted it from the programs and the single entry in the registry, it will remain out of site and no more trouble.

I do use Revo Uninstaller. The sneaky program didn't even show up on the list! I guess it wanted to resist uninstallation.

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