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Some interesting statistics regarding PC (desktop / laptop) sales over the past year from multiple top tier OEMs showing a somewhat flat or even a mild decline in most instances (excepting ASUS).
Not sure what the take away should be from the article, as there seems to be the usual speculation as to what Windows 8 may or may not do that might impact the trend, but my guess would be, not much for the desktop nor conventional laptop market but perhaps for the handheld (tablet / slate / surface) market something good may still yet emerge.
I suppose it all boils down to who and how many people adopt (for one reason or another) the new and smaller form factor as opposed to those of us who will still want the horse power associated with traditional desktops to get there day to day tech work accomplished.
I can see normal emailing, web browsing, and the occasional document or spread sheet on these small devices but for those of us who's daily work might include audio compositing (editing and mixing), video rendering, 3d wire modeling and big Photo Shop projects, such devices may not fit the bill.
We seem to either be evolving into or being forced into believing that a "One size, fits all" way of looking at things is practical, logical and makes absolute and utter good sense. I am not sure that in the case of either Computers or for that matter Operating Systems such logic applies. I mean we all probably have items of apparel with those strips of elastic or other stretchy material, whether it be a hat or a pair of trousers (sweatpants, tracksuit, etc.). And while they seem to function and provide good reasonable service, their not likely something one would choose as the default option for a night out on the town.
So where are we headed and is a one size fits all mentality going to work for all your future tech requirements? Looks to me like the market is being driven (as it is suppose to) by consumer demand and the demand seems to be for small form factor, handheld devices. Is this a craze, a fad soon to pass or truly the future? Is the Desktop as we know it truly dead?
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I am a graphics person, I do graphic design, Photography, 3D animation, and Video Editing.
There's no way that I could work on a pad sized screen.

I have a 24" monitor and I wish it would wear out so that I could buy a 30" monitor.



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As I see it, it's a fad, just like every other new-fangled gadget that comes along.
Just like the desktop gadgets/widgets, whatever you want to call them, they were a pretty big hit when first introduced and everyone wanted something special for their desktop, where are they now? No one even talks about them anymore.
"One size fits all", it's a myth. It seems that it's all for this generation, not ours.
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Unfortunately it's not a fad. That's not to say the desktop is dead. For those who do graphics like Mike, for businesses, and PC gamers like myself (although that's dying too), there will always (in the near future anyways) going to be a need for a powerful desktop PC. But let's be real. The general public would much have something small, mobile, and easy to use, to access social media, internet, and casual games. Compared to a tablet, even my netbook is cumbersome. Is it a fad? Maybe, until the next big thing comes along. But I'm afraid that for everyday casual computing, the desktop is dead.