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So I thought I'd start a 'what game are playing Right Now'? Thread. I know this is a 7 games forum and this is just a little light relief... I tend to revisit my games many, many times and I usually have a old favourite like FEAR running as well as a current title.
Often though, I'll be playing through some game or other and have an awesome experience in the process which I find is great to share... Anyway, enough of the tree hugging stuff...:rolleyes:

One game which has got me totally gripped at the moment is 'Battle-Forge'.. It's like a free to play MMO/RTS with a single player game to boot. One of the scenarios drove me nuts because I kept dying and I was still at it at 5.30am Thursday morning..and I still died.....sob..

So what are you guys playing at the moment? Which game is keeping you awake until 5.30am?
Umm well I been playing through Mass Effect (with bring Down The Sky) as I never got round to trying it with the Physx at the oldest game still play is Battlefield 2 though. Favourites? well generally if it's still installed after a month it's good in my book...

Main stalwards are C&C Kane's Wrath, Red Alert 3, Sacred 2, GTA 4, and on occasion Rainbox Six Vegas 2, since I play mainly LAN based multiplayer games.
I'm gonna try Mass effect.. eventually... It's supposed to be quite buggy though isn't it?
I'm gonna try Mass effect.. eventually... It's supposed to be quite buggy though isn't it?

Nah I played right through on the original unpatched version when it first came out, never crashed once....I think a lot of the issues were as always down to poor drivers etc, not the game. For me Mass effect is probably the best FPS RPG after Fallout 3, which reminds me...I was looking at steam offers of the week and saw all the Jedi Knght series for like £15 which reminded me that Lucasarts finally porting a PC version of STAR WARS : Force Unleashed for release I belive in October....mmm might have to play through all them again
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It's about time we got a decent Star Wars game for pc..
When you count how many Star Wars games have been out on PC compared to consoles....PC is truely spoilt for quality...even the worst ones where better than the console games, and PC racks up the most classic collection...Everything from the X-Wing and Tie Fighter series, Jedi Knight Series, galactic battlegrounds (Age of empires 2), Battlefront (Decent battlefield ripoff) series, Kotor series which inspired Mass Effect, Empire at War (lacked tactics but was still good fun), Phantom Menace racing (I thought was fantastic wipeout clone) and more recently Lego Star wars...hell even crusty oldies like Star Wars Monopoly and Chess !!!!

forget the pitiful gameboy style crap like yoda stories...and hopeless jedi starfighter, when it comes to Star Wars...PC is the best platform to choose, with the new Knights of the Old republic online and Force unleashed (with PC only extras I might add! such as Hoth campaign)'s only getting better.
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I was playing Mass Effect after a couple of playthroughs on the 360 but I'm too weak to resist the console commands and I end up making an invincible character with max everything, much like I did with Oblivion. It's just too tempting for me so I try to game on the 360 whenever possible.

I generally keep the PC for windowed puzzle games like Bejeweled Twist, or old strategy/sims like AOE and Settlers, so I can browse and play at the same time :D
I'm too weak to resist the console commands

Seriously? I finding cheating through any game utterly pointless as devalues the experience....not to mention if you play multi you get spanked all the time off even If anything games these days are TOO EASY...I find even on the hard settings it's all too often you can finnish them in a few days (Batman Arkum Asylum being good example..only had it day and a half and on final Boss), sure theres exceptions like Oblivion which take more time unless you just do the main A to B mission, though again miss much of the hidden fun in the game.

I think the only game I ever cheated on was Jet Set Willy in 1982/3 (Yes I'm an old git that started gaming back in the GOLDEN ERA of Spectrums and C-64's) since it was impossible to complete due to a bug in the game itself, and back then games were not patched, so nobody could complete it without a hack. Anyway.....all I do when I get stumped is play something else for a day or so and comeback to it fresh....then I don't feel robbed paying out dosh to experience a walk-through and end movie.
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Seriously? I finding cheating through any game utterly pointless as devalues the experience.....

Totally agree it does, and I'm too weak to resist so I will always devalue the game. That's why I prefer the 360, even if I can match it in terms of GFX on my PC it's just too tempting. Given I only have an old 19" CRT then that detracts from the experience too. I guess I could never get used to PC gaming. I did love it on my old Spectrum but that was a different era and didn't expect any better then :D
Yup, I don't like using console commands unless they graphic tweaks or similar, I don't even use 'walk thru's' unless I'm really, really stuck and then I'll just read enough to get me past that point.
Most games are getting more user friendly and I guess this sometimes makes the game a little too easy for the experienced gamer (thats why they have the 'hard' setting) Do you play FEAR 2 Highwayman? If so, download the latest DLC: FEAR2 Reborn and play that on the hard level....Man it's tough!
Another tough game that springs to mind is Dead Space. I thought that was a great game with bags of atmosphere... The invincible setting was just ridiculous lol...
Ever play "The Thing" movie based thats hard

Unfortunately not..... I loved the film too!!

Stalker can have it's moments.... In fact I've always noticed how much more accurate I get after playing that game especially with the headshot.....
Man, I was up late again last night trying to win a Battleforge map.....No such luck.. Aaah, this game is driving me nuts!:D
A bit of a COD specialist then epk?

lol, will be at cod4 with new gfx card, atm running 6600@800x600@cod4 , icky...
get away with cod1@125 fps 1280x1024 , cod2@90fps 1280x1024 , cod4@between 25fps to inside rooms@50to70fps 800x600.

Been playing cod1 since the day it was born...
I saw this trailer today and it looks kinda good.. Didn't play the first game but I may the second..

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