Windows 8 What are you playing right now?


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Who tried the game Jazz: Trump's Journey?
It's cool!
I couldn't collect all the stars in Level 1, I just collected 77/80 and 7/10 Pictures.


Right now? Well, up to one minute ago, I was playing a 16 bit version of "MahJongg" from 1996, installed from a 3.5" floppy disk.
Yes, I HAVE been playing that game for the past 18 years.

How's that for backward compatibility?

Win 8 did stop and ask me if I wanted to Activate 16 bit compatibility, during the install. That was neat!

I've also imported the card games from Win-XP, and they run just fine on Win-8.
(you'll also need to import "Cards.dll" to make those card games work.)

Cheers mates!
the Doctor :cool:


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Do anyone knows how to use game explorer on Win 7? I' m kind of old Win user, where when you install Win you usually gets some games to play, now explorer is confusing me..


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Assassins Creed 3- Which i'm starting to truly hate, Crysis 3-Single player and online. Skyrim-Dragonborn and Metro 2033. I'm waiting on Metro:Last light, game is already on STEAM awaiting release date.