Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

As the game is so freaking special I had to purchase the Directors cut of Death Stranding:




Right now I'm playing Elden Ring. It's pretty hard and not that involving story-wise, but there's no real penalty for dying as long as you can get back and recover your stuff. So getting dead isn't that big a deal.

Since it wasn't designed for PC, the controls take a while to get used to. I'm still playing Conan Exiles, and it's about to have an update that will add Sorcery and revamp much of the game. I'm looking forward to that because there isn't much of anything I haven't done multiple times.

I got moved when they eliminated the number of servers, so I've just finished rebuilding everything. So I will probably re-spec my character and change it to a Sorcerer rather than start all over again.

That way I'll still be able to keep all the stuff I just finished rebuilding. Looking forward to a new version of Plague Tale, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Both of these games had really interesting stories and kept you on the edge of your seat.
So I thought I'd start a 'what game are playing Right Now'? Thread. I know this is a 7 games forum and this is just a little light relief... I tend to revisit my games many, many times and I usually have a old favourite like FEAR running as well as a current title.
Often though, I'll be playing through some game or other and have an awesome experience in the process which I find is great to share... Anyway, enough of the tree hugging stuff...:rolleyes:

One game which has got me totally gripped at the moment is 'Battle-Forge'.. It's like a free to play MMO/RTS with a single player game to boot. One of the scenarios drove me nuts because I kept dying and I was still at it at 5.30am Thursday morning..and I still died.....sob..

So what are you guys playing at the moment? Which game is keeping you awake until 5.30am?
If I had to say Red Dead redeption 2. It is by far the game with the best story I have ever played and I fell inlove for it again. I have replayed the story a million times and did all three endings and even the ending with bad honor was good. The game overall and graphics is just such a good game and who dosent like to be a cowboy and name your horse the weirdest name you can come up with. Dont get me started about the beatiful landscape that you can travel threw the map you could literly spend hours losing yourself in the beaty of the game. But the online if I had to say is pretty good but RDR2 is like the unloved child of the family. Thats how rockstar treats it compared to GTA5 :anime:
Here's a little DeadSpace 2.... I started playing again due to The Callisto Protocol releasing this coming weekend. It looks amazing!



And finally The Callisto Protocol. Releases 2nd December 2022:
The Callisto Protocol

Initially the game was very buggy but the patch released late yesterday has improved things immensely.

The atmosphere and graphics are amazing:





I'm still playing the same games that I have been playing for a while, but I have preordered Hogwarts Legacy.
It will be available on February 10, and I'm really looking forward to doing something new.

I was a big fan of the books and saw all the movies, so I'm really excited about experiencing the game.
From what I've seen of the promos, it looks like it has all the details from the books, and you get to play starting as a first-year student.

It has detailed character customization, so I dug out a picture of me when I was in high school, and I am going to try to make the character look as much as I did 70 years ago as I can, I'm 84 now.

Less than a month to go now before it goes live, I can't wait!

The graphics look amazing in the promos, and it should look great on my 34" monitor in ultra HD and widescreen.
I have a GeForce 3080 video card and an I9 processor, with 64 gigs of ram, and it is all solid-state.

I can play The Witcher 3 at 1440 by 3440 at ultra plus and get a steady 120 fps, so I can't wait to see what it will run like.
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Diablo 4 - Processing
I started playing and already have a lvl 60 character in diablo 4, which was released relatively recently. i enjoy the gameplay, i really like the map for its atmosphere. i play as a mage mainly because of ice + electric. i don't seem to have any problems.
These are the points I chose as the most useful for a newcomer (those that helped me to coordinate):

Classes Reward Experimentation​

At the beginning of the game, the player must choose from six classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard. Some, like the Barbarian, specialize in brute force melee attacks, while others, like the Wizard, prefer ranged battles using elemental magic. All six classes are viable, though some are a bit more straightforward than others. By the way, I play as a magician:rolleyes:
The Necromancer, for example, is a highly flexible spellcaster capable of becoming a skeleton-centric pet class, a bone-wall building defensive monster, or AoE chain reaction nightmare using Corpse Explosion. Some classes may be better than others if min-maxing for PvP or PvE, but all of them have considerable depth and variety. The best starting choice is whatever the player will find the most fun.

Skills And Builds Are Flexible​

Though Diablo doesn't have extensive skill trees, it still boasts considerable variety in unlockable powers. Here i take some boost for up my character. As the character levels up, new skills will become available and old skills will grow stronger. In addition, powerful gear will enhance skills all the more, either by buffing the effects that are already there or by replacing those effects completely.

It's natural to find favorite skills and develop strategies around them in the early hours of the game, but it's advantageous to play around with new skill and build combinations. Even if a player doesn't think that a given skill will be to their taste and suit their playstyle, it's worth giving it a shot, as trying out new skills can reveal unexpected power combinations, letting the player best mobs and bosses that might otherwise have stymied them.

Health Must Be Managed Carefully​

The player has three health potions which are replenished on a cooldown. There is a brief cooldown period between health potion uses, too, so the player must be tactical when picking the right moment to deploy them in a fight. Killing enemies and dealing significant damage to bosses also causes red health orbs to drop, and collecting them will restore health just as if a health potion had been used.

There is no cooldown associated with picking up health orbs, so the player can snatch them up even if they have recently consumed another orb or a health potion. How difficult health is to manage depends both upon one's playstyle and how inclined a class is to play at the frontline. Whether one is taking blow after blow as a Barbarian or standing back and avoiding harm as a Wizard, knowing when to quaff a potion, when to snatch up a health orb, and when to retreat altogether is a vital skill for surviving certain difficult fights.

Unwanted Gear Can Be Scrapped​

Like other dungeon crawlers, Diablo showers players with loot. Killing demons, opening chests, and completing quests cause gold, gems, weapons, and armor to drop, and shortly after completing the tutorial, the player will find their inventory overflowing with gear. In other games, being loaded down with identical swords, shields that vary by only one or two points in a single stat, and dozens of common armor pieces would be cause for concern.

Diablo has an elegant solution for surplus gear. Any gear that the player doesn't need can be broken down at a blacksmith in the safety of a hub area. Doing so rewards the player with scrap materials used to upgrade equipment. Upgrading takes a considerable amount of materials, so the player should be grabbing every item they can and hauling it back to town to break down.

Side Quests Offer Fast Rewards​

While it's tempting to devote oneself to the main story, plowing through mission after mission, there are good reasons to depart from the main path and pursue side objectives as well. Certain portions of the main story are gated, requiring the player to achieve a certain level before proceeding. While main story missions offer significant rewards for new players, there are times when completing side missions may be necessary to grind out the last level or two before proceeding.

Exploration can reward the player with gold and treasure that will make strengthening them and completing the main mission easier. Challenge Rifts and Bounties can be particularly good for earning some extra rewards, helping the character grow in strength, and outfitting them with specialized gear to hone one's build. Because they refresh daily, Bounties in particular are a potent source of extra EXP. Also offers daily rewards for playing and killing monsters, which can go a long way towards helping to slay the armies of hell.
I hope this will be useful to you,
good luck guys;)
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