Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

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I remember I installed another vocabulary trainer "Amigos Spanish Puzzles". It's a training program with English-Spanish vocabulary, e. g. finding Spanish words for English definitions or reverse :cool:

Currently playing Cyberpunk 2077 and Division 2:

Cyberpunk 2077



Division 2:

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 03_02_2021 16_00_39.jpg

Hi Guys

I'm currently playing Control, a game about a woman with psychic powers in the New York FBI headquarters which has been taken over by some kind of supernatural power. At first, I thought it was too hard, I was about to give up, but I started to develop my skills and strategy, and now I'm making regular progress.

It kind of reminds me of the old Tomb Raider games in that you approach an area not having any idea what's next, then run into a large group of bad guys. You either win or die, if you die it starts you back and the last save point, and you do is all over until you figure out how to win the battle.

Eventually you figure out where to hide or attack from and gradually cut the numbers down until it's you against the boss then run around hitting him while avoiding being killed until you wear him down.

And then it's on to the next area. Once you get good at it, and she gets some skills it's fun.
My favorite attack is that she can pick up almost anything psychically and through it every thing from Fire Extinguishers to Copy Machines.

And everything in the place is destructible. If you hide behind a column the enemy shooting at it knocks off parts of it until it isn't cover anymore.
The reverse works too, you can destroy their cover as well.

Still its very hard because you can only gain your health back by picking up energy dropped by the dead enemy.

One of my favorite areas was a big really dark warehouse, you enter on a freight elevator, and it's dark.
There is a monster in the room hunting you, after he caught me about 3 times I started to figure out where things were and a stairway to a higher level and finally to a room that I was safe in. once there I would run out and explore and then back to the room to safety with a little more information.
I finally figured out how to turn on a light, and then another. Finally I managed to get all the lights turned on and the monster fled through a hole in the wall.


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I am currently playing the game right now is The Sims 4: Discover University (sims 4 university cheats) and It's really good! I play it every day for a couple of hours and it never gets boring.

Can anyone tell me why I am not able to play any of the games properly on my Laptop?

Processor- i5 1035G1 2020
RAM - 8 Gb
Graphic Card - Nvidia Geforce MX230, 2 Gb
Windows 10

Let me know if you need any more info. Like I am not even able to play small games like Dying Light of 2015

Changed settings, reduced to low then also, checked everything, all up to date.

Playing Windows games requires you have a good specs of your device. So choose a game which your specs can support. Their are many like BattleField, Max Payne, GTA 5, and a lot more. Choose according to your wants and which your device can support.
Message me if you need more help and anything else

Hey, I am a newbie here. I love to play mobile games a lot rather than playing with the computer. But this time I would like to play windows games as well. Moreover, I've been playing online casinos for a few years and it's much more comfortable. A friend sent me a very secure site and since then only here I spend my free time. I found a lot of interesting games and had very big wins. Part of the money I earn in casinos I also donate to various charities. I'm glad that this way I can make someone happier.

Currently playing Outriders and Supreme Commander:



Started playing Destiny2 which I've never really tried properly. Bought a couple of expansions and liking it so far..



With Dying Light 2 just around the corner (released 4th Feb 2022) I brushed off my copy of Dying Light, filled the buggy with fuel and am currently blatting around the countryside:





More Dying Light..






Grapple.. Favourite move in Dying Light:


Dying Light 2

The devs have really made a great job of this follow up game. I've only played around 12hrs but it feels just as good as the last game.
Supported for the next five years too ( they supported Dying light for 7yrs ).





Dying light 2 combat








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Playing Death Stranding starring Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges..