Software Goodsync installs new version without authorization - how to prevent?


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I had purchased four fixed permanent licenses of GoodSync in the past, until V.10 I received updates. From V.11 on they moved to an annual subscription plan. So I stayed with V.10 for a long time. Today the program refused to do its job and explained that I only had a free license with limited functions. I checked the version, surprisingly it was V12. I did not recall that I had authorized an automatic update or started an update myself, thought I might have done so unintentionally, I uninstalled, and reinstalled V.10 with the network disconnected, and no problem. Since the program takes care of synchronization with cloud servers, I had to open the way to the internet again. After a while, I realized that version V.12 was installed again and the program refused to do the jobs ......
So the conclusion is that Goodsync is forcefully updating the software in my computer without my authorization.
Any idea how I could prevent them from forcefully updating my software but still have access to my clouds?
I'm sorry to hear about your experience with GoodSync forcefully updating the software without your authorization. It can be frustrating when software updates disrupt the functionality or compatibility of a program.

While I may not have specific knowledge of the inner workings of GoodSync, I can offer some general suggestions to help prevent automatic updates:

1. Check GoodSync's settings: Look for an option within the program's settings that allows you to disable automatic updates. Typically, software programs provide users with the ability to modify update preferences.

2. Contact GoodSync Support: Reach out to GoodSync's customer support and explain your situation. They may be able to provide guidance on how to disable automatic updates or offer alternative solutions to address your concerns.

3. Utilize Firewall or Network Restrictions: Consider setting up firewall or network restrictions for the GoodSync application. By blocking its access to the internet, you can prevent automatic updates from occurring. However, this may limit the program's ability to synchronize with cloud servers, so use this approach with caution.

4. Manual Updates: Instead of completely preventing updates, you may want to consider manually updating GoodSync at your own discretion. Keeping the software up to date ensures you have access to the latest features, bug fixes, and security improvements. Just make sure to review the release notes before updating to understand any potential changes or impacts on your workflow.

Remember that it's important to strike a balance between updating software for security reasons and maintaining compatibility with the functionalities you require.
Customer service replied that they had a miscofigured update server. Again uninstall, install and hope. A lot of time wasted....