Windows 10 Patch Tuesday April 2023 Issues


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Apr 17, 2023
Hello All,

I'm running Windows 10 Pro version 22H2, OS build 19045.2364. I attempted to update my computer on April 15. There were a host of security updates as well as the update to 19045.2846.
It seemed to go well, but I noticed that Windows Explorer seemed laggy. I'd try to click and drag a desktop icon and it would take a second or two to register that I had selected it. Starting up Windows Explorer from the task bar took up to 10 seconds. And programs would take a long time to start. I'd try to start Adobe Illustrator and it would hang, give a "not responding" error, but then continue on.
I tried troubleshooting it by:
1. Forcing Windows Explorer to restart - didn't work
2. Ran SFC scannow - didn't find anything
3. Ran DISM - nothing
4. Did a Repair Install - the problem persisted.

Thankfully I had made a full backup with Macrium BEFORE I updated. So I just fell back on my backup.
My question is. Has anybody experienced issues with the April 2023 update and did I miss anything in trying to resolve the issue? I noticed there were a lot of security holes supposedly plugged by that update, but my computer was basically unusable after the process. Should I just wait for the next Patch Tuesday and try again?

There are a number of performance issues reported for a limited number of users. Only work around is to uninstall the patch at this time.