Software issues with windows 8


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In our network we have windows 7 and windows 8 operating systems.
Our production softwares are AutoCAD,photoshop,3d max,google sketchup...

Issue is systems with windows 8 operating system are getting more issues like "Windows stopped working " with AutoCAD,Internet Explorer usually..

How to resolve this issues.

Wheather Windows 8 os itself is having problem or what ? :(


Joe S

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Go into the program properties and find compatibility mode and select Windows 7 if it worked there without problems. Sometimes that helps.
You may very well need to re-install them. Windows 8.1 seems to have different permission schemes for the filesystem. I had to modify some of the programs I wrote to accomidate thrown exceptions for this. I also ended up haveing to re-install or update most of my programs, including my C++ compiler.

Once you get through that, it should be fine.


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Pls I need help:( can't switch on wifi on my hp pavillion dv6 after upgrading to windows 8 pro. Pls what do I do?

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run this command through command prompt:

ipconfig /flushdns && ipconfig /release && ipconfig /renew
and tell me what it says. (rght click on the command prompt, the click mark, select the text, press enter, then paste it here)