SOLVED: Uninstalled apps appear in search

This is a minor issue but it is bugging me. I have uninstalled "HP Coolsense" from my PC and can't find a reference to it anywhere. But it still shows up in my windows search (the one that shows up from the right) . . with an icon and everything (unfortunately I can't snip that but I could the error that comes up, which is attached).

Is there a way to refresh this? I can't right-click on the entry either--it doesn't do anything.

It isn't:
  • in the list of installed programs
  • in the registry (I searched for "coolsense" FWIW).
  • In the "all program" section of the metro menu
I was thinking this was a Windows Search/Indexing issue--I normally leave that off, but I turned it off and it rebuilt my index and it's still there.

Any suggestions? Appreciate it.



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No answer from me, except......
Since it is a HP product, have you tried HP Support forums ?


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It is likely to be files/folders/registry entries which need cleaning up after uninstall. Try downloading a free copy of ccleaner from here:

and run it to:

1. Remove any junk files - use the cleaner function
2. clean your registry - use the registry function and scan for issues.

Hey guys I tried ccleaner. Rebuilding my search index. Reinstalling the app then uninstalling it with Revo uninstaller. Deleting latent files in Program Files (and x86) a and AppData.

Know what fixed it? Deleting Search History. Who knew when searching for an App in the search bar it would be a part of search history . . and when you uninstalled it you'd have to clear it? It looked like any other app I search for.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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