Some Win7 Features

So I was just reading this: and I got to the part about new features. I wasn't able to find the "Accelerators for Windows" or the "Workspaces" aka virtual desktop. Anyone else find these or were they cut? I realize this is beta (build 7000) but it's supposed to be feature complete.

That's Beta software for ya... windows or not... ;)


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While I have not confirmed that these features aren't in Build 7000, I wonder how he got screenshots of them if they're not. :confused:


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Paul Thurott had the Beta 1 build of 7 about 3 weeks before it hit the internet as a leak.
I'm pretty sure he has a lot of connections, and there's a Microsoft made Blue Badge to unlock that for him.

"Accelerators for Windows" is under Control Panel / Internet Options / Programs Tab / Manage add-ons button / Accelerators.

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