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Windows 7 Sony Vaio fn Keys?


New Member
Mar 23, 2009
Anyone know how to get all special keys (fn, media) working on a Sony Vaio in Windows 7? Obviously Sony has no drivers for these and no, the Vista versions do not work at all. Tried already.

I'm using Windows 7 7100, 64bit.

Sony Vaio VGN-AW190 (came with Vista 64bit originally)

I admit I haven't yet gone through the whole installation (may want to keep things clean)
however this guide on installing Windows 8 on a Vaio promises

"This guide is based in technical sony support articles and the excellent work of roninwz's Link Removed due to 404 Error Clean Vista Install Guide, adapted to get Clean Windows 7 Beta Install (bloatware free) with the complete functionality of the built in shortcut and Fn keys(volume +/-, mute, magnify, brightness control)."

See VAIO FW Clean Windows 7 Install Guide - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion

for original