Windows 7 SONY Vaio i7 crashes in windows 8


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Dec 16, 2012
My Laptop crashing without any information or blue screen. Its happening 1 or 2 times everyday. It just goes off and sometimes do not switch on for couple of minutes.

I am attaching the log file of HWiNFO64. the temperatures are going up to 99C.

Any solution for this problem ?


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heat issues with lappies can be attributed to dust and fluff build up so clean vents as well as airways. Some Bios updates also help with heat issues but all this depends on your hardware. Please post if your drivers and bios are latest versions.

Also please post the exact model of your machine.

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Model Sony Vaio VPCF136FM
BIOS : R0190Y09 Dt.20-10-2010

I Have tried to clean air vents. Temp are still going up to 75C.
I have to update western digital External HDD drivers which I will do today and post the details.

Thank you.

Your latest driver and bios versions are here: Sony eSupport - VPCF136FM - Support

Please make sure it's the correct model before applying anything.

If your vents and airways are particularly dusty or hard to get at then a small paintbrush and a can of compressed air can be a great help.
Also try to use the laptop on a table as apposed to your lap or bed.