Windows 7 sound cuts off from pandora when I open counterstrike


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Hi computer gurus. I have a strange problem. As the title suggests, when I play pandora music it works perfectly fine. But, when I open counterstrike go , the music stops. When I alt tab, the music starts again but when I switch back to counterstrike it stops again. It doesn't get softer, it just cuts off altoghether.

When I use itunes the music still plays but it's really choppy.

The strange thing is that I used to be able to play counterstrike with music going.

I also already clicked on volume control panel-playback devices-set 'do nothing' for the option listed when it detects communication.

I did recently change some things on my computer and they were to try to make my computer use as little as possible to save more room for my gaming experience (to increase fps) - If anyone needs to see what I did there is a website that I followed. I just have a feeling something I did caused this weird thing to begin happening. Any help would be appreciated!