Sound Distortion Problem On Toshiba Laptop

Hi I have a query regarding my Toshiba Satellite A500

OS: Windows 7 premium
Processor: Intel core i5
Ram: 6 G

Recently whenever I try to play a music/movie file I will often get distorted sounds. Sometimes the files play better and at other times it seems like the ram breaks down . Also I noticed that the movie files seem to 'lag' whenever the sound got distorted. Initally I thought that the speakers were at fault so I plugged in some earphones but I still heard the same distorted sounds. This problem also extends to when I am playing games and generally whenever a sound needs to be played.

Furthermore i noticed that when i turn off the internet connection the sound is perfect

What's going on?

I have virus/spyware scanned my pc, defragged and even gone as far as to format and reinstall everything, but the problem still exists.
Furthermore, i noticed that the problem fixes when I close the internet connection...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Sounds like you are saying the internet connection is causing a load on the system the CPU may not be able to handle it. Have you watch the performance graphs to see how much the CPU is working or what your internet connection is doing? I will assume you are not on the net at the time.

Hello, thx for your reply

I will check the CPU and write to you!!

thx a lot

I am experiencing the exact same problem on two brand new toshiba laptops.

Definitely wi-fi related, my propblem goes away if I disable wi-fi - But it seems to be much better on some wireless networks than others - I suspected the security encription - I changed to WPA 2 from WPA and things seemed to get better - but then after a week it went back to being bad again.

Skype, CD, MP3 on the laptop, youtube - all give the problem

Did you have any luck on solving the problem?

laptop one portege R835 win 7 32 but
patop two tecra R850 win 7 64 bit




realise this thread went cold some time ago, but I have been battling with this for ages and only today worked out that it is only present when the wifi is on.

did you ever get a solution to this problem?

My laptop is an old toshiba U300 with windows 8.

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