Sounds through headset suddenly became distorted and Skype sounds are extremely quiet.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by BlockBlazerMC, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Hello. Today my Turtle Beach Earforce XL1 headset decided to break and make sounds distorted. With Skype, i can barely hear people at max volume. I am unsure if the problem is my headset capability or my pc. My pc has been getting worse and worse. It can no longer install 1 exact update without failing, and it seems to be at the edge of its life span. If the case does happen to be my pc, then a solution would be great. Thanks
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    1. Run a scan with your Antivirus
    2. Run a scan with Malwarebytes
    3. Run with, say, CCleaner. Get rid of junk, defrag your HDD, check the registry.
    4. If you have installed new programs, check them = preferably get rid of them. You may have something unwanted installed, attachments are more and more common - you get what you never intended to get.

    Of course it's possible your computer is going down, but that's commonly quite unlikely.

    All for now, best wishes.

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