Speaker Setup - Choose your configuration - Only 5.1 available?


Wierd problem this morning. With my Windows 7 64-bit. I notice dual channel audio isn't working.

This system is using motherboard audio (http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5SMX_SE/). Which only has a single dual channel. So it should ONLY be able to support 2.0 channel audio.

I go Sound > Right click speaker > Choose your Configuration

Then at "Speaker Setup" under "Audio channels" i ONLY see "5.1 Surround", no other channels are available.

This doesn't make any sense, this system has no ability to do 5.1 audio! Only 2.0!

I want to be able to see/select 2.0 channel. Help.


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It's always possible to play sound at a lower level than max channels, even mono.

The question is, does it work? 5.1 sounds do come out of 2.0 speakers. Or perhaps I didn't understand the issue?

No.. how would 5.1 sound go out of just 1 channel? It isn't combining or trying to play 2.0 at all.

It's playing 5.1 even though 5.1 is impossible and hence only 1 of 3 channels is reaching my 2 speakers.

"It's always possible to play sound at a lower level than max channels, even mono."

WRONG! I am living prove that it is possible to have only 5.1 available. The solution for this i still haven't discovered. I am attempting to simply attach another sound device (HDMI audio) to see if i can change this.

After that i'll try reinstall. :p I'll get back to you..


Okay this forum is seriously fucked and won't let me use any image in tags... (wtf!!!!)

Go here to see what i mean:



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I have 5.1, works fine. Set to stereo right now, only two speakers work. Mono isn't available, that was wrong info, sorry.

Open the Realtek Audio Manager, or choose Configure in the image you sent. You should see something like this:


Try latest Realtek drivers or, perhaps the ones you received in the first place. A registry check wouldn't be bad, say with CCleaner.

Besides, this Forum isn't f*d at all, kindly to your knowledge.

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I found a work around, another cheap gcard installed and i'm just using the HDMI audio (which now shows stereo 2.0).

Yeah, i set mine to stereo with the 5.1, still didn't play right (only 1 channel out of 3). Turns out the Realtek driver for this Motherboard was only for vista, and a more modern one isn't actually available!

(Okay turns out the forum isn't F'ed, it just doesn't support the image uploaders i like.. haha! xD)

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