sporadic, frequent blue screen and minidumps

I am running Windows 7. A couple of weeks ago I installed an old video card (ATI FireGL 5200) in order to connect a third monitor. Since then I have had a blue screen and minidump a day. I first disabled and later physically removed the card but the crashes continued. It appears as though a modification windows, made most likely the driver installation, remains the source of the problem even after removing the card. I found the atikmdag driver in the driver folder and deleted it. I also ran driver cleaner which found registry entires for the ati card. This did not stop the crashes which frequently occur while connected to the internet , ( this is my second attempt to post this message because the last attempt was aborted by a blue screen dump and crash).

I would like to delete the package from driverstore just to be absolutely sure but have not been able to. Primarily because I cannot recognize it in the pnputil display. I found a driver that has exactly the same date as the driver package I am looking for 07/13/2009 but it is signed symantic corp and I suspect that it is the Norton ghost driver. All other video drivers are signed Nvidia and no other driver packages have that date.

Am I on the wrong track is it possible this has nothing to do with the ATI card? Or, packages in driver store couldn’t be responsible for the crashes.

If not is the fact that the driver package is not enumerated by pnputil.exe a sign of a deeper problem?

Are there any other possible sources to this problem that may or may not have to do with the ATI card?

Before the ATI card installation I had never seen a blue screen with windows 7 and had enjoyed at least 2 years of stability . Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


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