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My HP laptop HD crashed, am trying to replace it with a Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD. I do not have Windows installation disks, only have Windows Recovery Disks. All installation instructions I have found for SSD's is for cloning, which I cannot do since the HD is dead.
I have installed the SSD, booted into BIOS, this simple BIOS version doesn't allow me to change anything on the HD, but it does recognize it and let me do a HD test, so it does recognize the SSD. I then put the Windows Recovery disk in the CD drive, attempted to boot up, but the CD drive just spins and spins but never boots up. I thought the CD drive might be bad, so I tried an external USB CD drive with the Recovery disk, but it does the same (just spins). I even got a new Windows 7 installation disk (from another PC) to see if it will boot from it, but get nothing but a spinning CD. I have not done anything yet to the HyperX SSD, haved not formatted or partitioned it. I thought this would be done by Recovery on the OS installation. The BIOS is set up to first boot from the CD drive, so the boot order is not the issue. When I tried the USB external CD drive, I changed the BIOS to boot from there, but neither works.

HP Pavilion DV7-1135nr
4GB ram

Thanks for any help you may have


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Try removing the SSD and then booting from the recovery disk. It obviously won't run but if it does try to boot then it would suggest that something about your SSD connection is affecting the boot process.


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I did remove the SSD, tried to boot from the recovery disk, but it still will not boot up. I also tried the new Windows 7 installation disk, but it still will not boot up. This has me confused. As a further test, I have another HD from another laptop with Windows 7 on it, I put it in this laptop, and it boots up fine, no problems. But I cannot use this HD as it has the OS from another laptop installed on it. But that seems to verify there are no other problems with the PC.
It simply will not boot up by using the recovery disk. All I get is a black screen with a spinning CD drive. I have let it spin for an hour, but nothing.


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Maybe you missed the little message on the top left of the screen saying: "Press any key to boot from CD". This message is easy to miss and since you do not have any other system or active partition in the PC, the boot process just runs into the desert.

Put the Win7 HD from the other PC in and then try to boot from the CD (BIOS set accordingly). If it then boots from the Win7 HD, you most likely missed the above message which times out after a few seconds and the system then proceeds to the next possible boot device.


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Problem Solved.
I formatted the SSD, then ran "Partition Wizard" to create the boot partition on the SSD. After that, the laptop successfully ran the Recovery Disks, reinstalled Windows, and returned the laptop to it's original state. The new SSD is working just fine. I did not realize that you had to use another program to format and create the boot partition on the SSD before Windows Recovery Disks would work. Perhaps this info will help someone else.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

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