Star Folder Not Opening Expanded

After a recent update, my Star Favorites Folder no longer opens expanded the way it used to. I have to manually expand it every single time I access it now. I've googled and searched Microsoft Help and do not find any solutions for this specific problem. I also can't seem to add this to the Library. I'd love a solution to this. Thanks so much.


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Try scanning for viruses with your Antivirus program and remove all that are found. It sounds like a possible virus infection. Download the free MALWAREBYTES from, download and install this antispyware virus program and run it. Remove all spyware viruses found. Power off your PC and try it again. This may very well remove your browser virus and fix the problem! :up:

If that doesn't work try to use the built-in System Restore utility and "Rollback" your PC to a time before the problem first started happening.
Make certain that you have all your personal data backed up to external media before attempting System Restore; as if you have a failing hard drive, you could suffer irretrievable data loss if the System Restore fails, which can happen if you hard drive is faulty. That's a very likely scenario given the age of your computer.

Let us know how it goes.:encouragement:

Thanks so much for your suggestion. This is a work computer and is swiped every day for malware. I do not have clearance to alter a computer as per your suggestion. I was hoping it was a setting issue not found in the drop downs or upon right clilcking.


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If you're talking about Internet Explorer click the green arrow to pin the favorite bar.

I'm talking about Windows Explorer for documents on my computer. I don't use IE. Thank you.


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i am using win-10 instead of win-7 … so i cannot garner any screen-caps for you … but, when i used win-xp, i had similar setup to how you had configured your view to appear.

according to what i found on google … the option you want is in the down-menu of 'organize' tab in windows-explorer … listed as "folder-and-search-options". this may also be located via control-panel (folder-options / win-exp-options).

[ of course, at this time, you should already have your
'favorites' folder expanded within windows-explorer …
or else, the config will not take correctly. ]

once the folder-options interface is in front of you … check the navigation-pane within the 'general' tab … make sure "auto-expand to current folder" is checked.

if it is already checked(enabled), uncheck(disable) … make sure you hit "apply". open windows-explorer again … expand favorites … go back into interface and checked(enabled) … make sure you hit "apply".

also … if i was you … i would take screen-caps before/after you revise the configs … is also your choice if you wish to create system-restore point before configuring the above options.


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