Windows 8 Start Screen Freezes after non-use


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When I am away from the computer for maybe an hour or more and come back, the Start Screen will not operate, I have to keep rebooting my machine. It is getting frustrating. I have changed the settings to NOT allow hibernation of the computer to include the hard disk drive when not in use; however, the Start Screen after non-use does not want to work, freezes. What can I do?

has this issue recently cropped up or has it always done this? If it's a case of something recent you could try system restore to get back to a point before the issue appeared or if Windows 8 has always done this then you might want to check on your source media. Can you post the version of win 8 your using and how it was installed?
Thank you for posting the info'. Now I presume you downloaded the windows 8 pre release iso and then burnt it to disk? Can you remember which speed you burnt the disk at? Anything above 4x will produce errors of the type your experiencing. Also did you download the iso using Microsofts download manager? If not then that could be another cause for concern