Windows 7 Static IP installed. No longer to able to see Workgroup


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Jul 7, 2020
We have a small workgroup of 4 computers. Just got a Static IP installed on the router for RDC work at home. Only my computer has the static IP. When my internet access is in DCHP mode, I can utilize the SQL server on our machine running IIS via our intranet, and I can see all other computers. When I switch over to static IP internet access, I can no longer see the other workgroup computers on our intranet or access the IIS web pages. This problem defeats the whole purpose of getting a static IP. The router is set up correctly to allow both DCHP and Static and all the other computers can see my computer. Note: While in Static Mode, I can also print through a workgroup computer, so everything is connected. Has anyone experienced this issue? Thanks.
Static IP addresses are not really installed. You pay a fee to your ISP and they assign the static address to you. They will route the traffic to the demarc of your network which is either a modem or a router/modem combo device. From there it's up to you manage any connectivity.

If it's a connected to a router you would need to setup port forwarding rules since routers use NAT to seperate betweeen a routable address space (The Internet) and a non-routable address space such as 10.X.X.X, 172.18-32.X.X or 192.168.X.X

I would also highly highly recommend NOT exposing anything like SQL, SMB, RDP directly to the internet as the internet is constantly scanned for systems and can be fairly trivial to exploit and have your network compromised. Anything connecting from the outside should use a secure solution such as a VPN to access anything internal to your network.
Yes, the IP was assigned and using a modem/router combo device. Good Advice Neemobeer. I'll educate myself on NAT and get a VPN. I'll be back.
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