Static TCP/IP settings not saved and DNS issues !!!


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Hello everyone...

I am having a little problem with an Hp Pavilion with Windows 7 x64 installed.
I have updated all drivers by the way..
I "AM" able to network successfully when the IP Seeting are set for "Obtain an IP address automatically" & "obtain DNS server address automatically".. BUT Once I enter static address with subnet mask, default gateway Etc.. it accepts the details, but when I come back in to make sure all is set OK, all static details have disappeared !!!??? Also Having problems to resolve dns server and sometimes when I connect to a network the same values for DNS and IP are used in the next connection !
Adapter LevelOne WUA-0605 either eith RealteK drivers or the LevelOne !
Has anybode seen this and if so, what can I do to rememdy the situation.???


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I personally haven't ever seen this issue, but according to some small amount of research that I've been able to do, the problem is generally associated with a corrupt registry value. There seems to be some argument as to actually which registry value is at issue.
If this is a recent occurence then perhaps you may be able to use a restore point to correct the problem, if you have one available prior to the issue happening.
You could try to completely uninstall the adapter from device manager and reboot and see if that may help.
You can open the service console, by typing services.msc into the search box and hitting enter, then try disabling or setting to manual both the DHCP Client Service as well as the DNS Client Service and then see if you can set the adapter settings manually and see if they stick.


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Thank you for your response ! Believe me I've tried everything ! I'll try and check if it is a driver problem...I've read that if I install a winxp64 driver that might resolve my issue ! I've been able to put static ip values through a tcp/ip manager program but still dns issues and no internet connection ! Thank's !

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