Windows 7 Still cant dual boot


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This is starting to get boring, what am I missing here or do I have a rouge copy. OK I have installed W7 on a separate hard disc to my XP all went swell till I restarted, it just goes straight into W7. Everything I read said I needed to install EasyBCD and add an entry to the bootloader so I did and I choose the location as D drive cos thats where the NTLDR and boot.ini files are located. Great EasyBCD tells me it has added another entry and yep when I restart the PC I get a choice but when I choose the Microsoft Windows which is below the Windows 7 entry it says incorect boot files booting from 'C' or something like that. So I disconect the W7 drive and can successfully boot into XP again. How can I get this to work. Any help would be most gratefully received.
JJ :confused::confused::confused: