Strange Acess Problem

Joe S

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Solved Strange Acess Problem

This computer is dual boot Vista/Windows 7 64 bit. I've noticed that I can only log into this site when I'm on Windows 7. I can't log on in XP actual PC or with any of my virtual PC's. these are all on a home network. I don't run into this on any other forum. Anybody got a clue what the problem? It happens even when I'm logged off.

This is an upper class site that is off limits to the minions.

OK.. that's a joke for those who don't get it.


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Yep,,, XP is a dead OS,,, only 7 is allowed to connect.

Just kidding also,,,,

It has to be a possible DNS issue, or browser problem.

I guess I should ask,,,, can you even get to this site on the other systems? or is it just a problem logging in.

Joe S

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Homer Simpson finally figured it out. I normally stay logged in here and the browser remembers the password. I was using the wrong password! I've got a sinus infection and have been really sick the past few days.

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