Strange Keyboard "diagnostic mode"???

Okay before I get into it this started a while back
Since then an app I was trying trashed windows and I formatted same deal

So I really don't see any spyware keyloggers etc as being involved.
But just in case I have scanned clean with several scanners.

Here goes my attempt at an explanation...
Basically out of nowhere my laptops keyboard will go into what I'll describe as a diagnostic mode for lack of a better term.
Using my keyboard will simply repeat this pattern, "1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;'`\zxcvbnm,./-+\"

For example if I type "welcome" I would get "1234567".
If I come back a few minutes later and type it again I'd get "890-=qw"
Once I type enough to get to the end of that pattern it starts again.

However IE seems to be somehow involved but I can't tell you specifically how really. But in this case I launched a new IE window and it stopped.

I know it's not much to go on I've done my best to try and explain.
If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

HP Pavillion DV6700t - Windows 7 Ultimate


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Keyboard Mistypes

Hi kenny782--

I think you should look into these suggestions first. Maybe hardware related. Keyboard Controller or Drivers etc.

HP zd7000 keyboard mistypes

You can turn the keyboard repeat function off, maybe check out your synaptic mouse- drivers etc. Have you updated your Bios recently?

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I really don't believe it's hardware because everytime it starts or stops IE is involved.
I can troubleshoot for half an hour which I've done but doing something with IE always fixes it.

I'm running SFC now and next time it happens I'll try killing HP's hot key utility.
It controls the top panel with volume control and that.

I could just kill it now but then I won't know if that's truly the problem since I don't know how to really reproduce it.

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Well after ages I think I actually solved it.
It was being caused by my email client "Zimbra", a company Yahoo bought.
I've been using it for over a year but they must have broke something in the last two versions.

I've killed the client and it's service so hopefully that's the last of this problem.

The application and it's service is based around java on the back end.
So that in turn could have been using IE on some level.
That would explain why playing with IE was fixing the problem.

>> It was being caused by my email client "Zimbra",

- I doubt it. I have that exact same problem, occasionally, exactly as you describe. And I've never heard of "Zimbra" and certainly don't have it on my PC. I used ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite until a couple of months ago when I switched to Kaspersky and you know what .. .. I can't recall seeing this problem since.
This is SUCH A BIZARRE problem. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to describe it to others and I'm sure they think I'm crazy. Their eyes glaze over and they lose interest in what I'm saying. Then I'm offered trivial 'solutions' which are nowhere near the mark.

Zimbra, ZoneAlarm .. maybe it's something to do with programs starting with "Z". No, seriously.. at first I used to reboot the PC to cure it. Latterly I discovered that if I just shut down every app I have open it can correct itself. Thanks for the browser tip. Personally I think it's some accidental key combination I hit.
Ascot, England.

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