Strange problem with Ansys 12.1!

[SOLVED] Strange problem with Ansys 12.1 on Windows 7!


I have a Windows 7 Enterprise joined to the domain in a LAB. I have installed Ansys (simulator software for Engineering) using my administrator credentials. All is fine. However when normal users login the Ansys folder dissapears and you cannot do anything however the actualy ANSYS folder is under C:\.
And when I try to login with my admin credentials the folder appears and the software runs smoothly! Any ideas why? I have added the USERS and Everyone to the permission folder of Ansys and nothing happened still the folder under Start-Menu-Programs does not show. Please help!

Note** The same software is working without any problem on Vista.**



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Not sure exactly as I'm not familiar with that program and if during the install process there is an option to "Install for All Users" or "Just Me".
However you can try a couple things;
Add the "Domain Users Group" to the Local Machine's "Administrator's Group"
Don't want to do that.
Then add specific "Domain Users" to the Local Machine's "Administrator's Group"
Don't want to do that.
Then perhaps try to copy the missing folder that is present with your logon to here
"C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" (All Users Start Menu Programs).
You may have to adjust the compatability of the related shortcut to "Run As Administrator" in which case the user will be prompted for a local administrator's username and password for that machine. Additionally you may want to adjust the slider for UAC (User Account Control) all the way to the bottom temporarily just to see if that is causing an issue. You'll have to reboot after making the adjustments

Solved** Mr. Ansys does not like to get installed thru admin domain user.. however you need to be "Administrator" to install it. I reinstalled using Administrator and it worked like a charm every user can see Ansys folder. Thanks all!


Noob Whisperer
Great news. Good job resolving your issue and thanks for posting back and updating your thread with the follow-up.

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