Stripping down Windows 7


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This was such a stupid thread I had to stop what I was doing and necro.

OP asked a simple question: How can I lite Windows 7?

The stream of off-topic diahrrea that followed defied all logic. He didn't ask for your opinions or feelings about what he wanted to do. He didn't ask for your input on alternative OSes or the tired Linux sales pitch. It was a basic question and if you didn't have an answer, you could easily (and more intelligently) have moved on to a question you could actually answer.

And by the end, the answer ended up being "You can't, at the moment."

Moronic and wasteful of so much time.
Agree, first you always see is Linux, if I wanted to run that then I would but I hate the graphics in Linux

I personally don't want to lite nothing but prefer to turn off, disable, and tweak the crud out of my OS but for those that do...
Actually there is now a way to Lite win 7 and its stable like Vlite was with Vista but still beta. X86 or 64
RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.0.9 - MSFN Forums


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Install CCleaner and use the tools to remove startup items you don't need to run.
Use it to remove junk, and clean up your registry too.

I have at least 75% of the things that normally start disabled.
You can do this through msconfig or services.msc as well but CCleaner makes it really easy to shut off and turn on startup items.

Check out Black Viper Black Viper's Web Site for information on configuring you PC for the best performance.
I've use his setups for years.


Ah I see I wasn't the first to mention Black Viper.


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You can certainly try setting the services to manual. I would be cautious about disabling, though.
I used Black Vipers suggestions with XP, and the results were very noticeable. However, with faster computers (generally), I doubt you will discern any performance difference.
Windows 7 architecture is quite different from , fo example, XP. The services will mostly load anyway. But most will not use any resources until that services is required.

Items I have found, however, which slow down the computer, particuarly at the start, are Windows defender and the Search facility, for which I have little use. These are, indeed, services which can be disabled, as they are actually running built in programs on start up. I am not sure if it is a speed or startup hog, but I also disabled the home group service facilities, as I do not use them. Security centre and Windows backup went the same way.
Many third party programs automatically place an entry in the Msconfig starup section. The fact is that all will run anyway, on demand. Such things as Itunes real etc. I have only my anti virus program ticked under that tab. Even the Java update I have unticked. I occasionally do a manual update of the program.

If you've not read the HOW To in Black Vipers site, you can't really comment on it intelligently.
He plainly gives you options as to the things that are SAFE to disable or Manualize and the things that are NOT SAFE to disable.

For several years now, Black Viper has been my Go To guy for ways to decrease the Bloat and overload in whatever OS I'm running at the time.

XP was the first OS where I was aware of "Services" and Black Viper helped me to get it running MUCH better than it did, Out Of The Box. Likewise Vista and 7.

There are just so many services that the average home computer user really doesn't need to have running all the time and eating up ram and cpu time.

Doing the Services thing manually can take some real time. Doing it manually more than once is insane.
I just wrote a batch file to set services for me, so it takes about three seconds to disable or manualize all the services that I don't want running from boot up.
My current "SetServices.bat" program, for Win-7, either disables or sets to manual, 24 Services.

Although I do leave all of Win-7 on my hard drive, I regularly clean out all the temp's and other junk files.
The Extended Disk Cleanup does a pretty good job of that, but I wrote my own cleanup batch file to get the junk out of selected folders, like the Cache (temporary internet files) in Firefox. I run that batch file from my Startup folder, so it runs on every boot.

You don't have to strip any OS to gain efficiency. Just setting the registry to load the Windows Kernel into ram on boot, greatly increases the OS's efficiency. Just a thought.

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