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Hi guys,

So I dual-booted Ubuntu on my laptop. I decided I didn't like it, then immediately bootrec.exe/fixmbr'ed from the windows 7 disc. now grub is gone, and windows 7 by default starts to boot. It boots normally, but about in 15 seconds into the 'Starting Windows' bootscreen, it just hangs there. The windows logo no longer pulses. I have tried the Startup Repair thing but it finishes and does not work. System Restore does not seem to work either. Please tell me how to fix it, urgently need my computer!!!

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Try running the start up repair 3 times. I know it sounds dumb but sometimes that does fix it.


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If you have the disc, stick that in and boot from cd, then you should be presented with 3 options...install, delete or repair, click repair.


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I'm guessing that the problem is that you removed Ubuntu without changing the boot sector on your computer.

To remove an operating system from a dual boot setup it is necessary to remove the operating system from the boot sequence before uninstalling it.

You need to use a program like EasyBCD to make sure that your computer only boots from the operating system that you want to use before removing the other.

I learned this the hard way myself, years ago.

First try and run "Boot Repair from the DVD again, sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

If that doesn't do it take a look at this information.

System Recovery Options - Windows 7 Forums


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