stuff missing after installing windows 7

ok so I installed windows 7, and it installed all the basic generic drivers I think. Here's some stuff that I can't find (probably because of drivers?) in my windows 7 that was in vista.

when I went to recording devices when I right clicked my sound icon in the taskbar, I used to be able to (in vista) select an option to have the computer record whatever was coming out of the playback devices.

in dxdiag, there used to be more tabs up top in my vista. now there's fewer tabs, like no network, etc.

Do I need to install sound drivers and company made drivers for all the hardware for my computer or is using windows generic drivers enough?

Yes,, update all drivers direct from manufacturer, do not use windows default unless you have to.

Never, ever, use Windows Updates for any drivers at all,,, ever.

but the ones posted at the manufacturer's website are all for winxp/vista though

Vista drivers might work,,, 7 is Vista Upgraded.

wouldn't it be a hassle to remove all the vista drivers when win7 drivers come out though?

No,, it should be fine.

why would it be fine? wouldn't you have to uninstall all the vista drivers and then reinstall all the win7 drivers?

Yes, but they should uninstall fine. Vista and 7 are virtually the same. 7 is just an upgraded, tweaked version of Vista.

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