Windows 7 Stuttering jerky mouse in windows 7


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Feb 8, 2009
When using windows 7 my mouse is very slow to respond, and stutters across the screen, making almost uncontrollable.
sometimes it moves as it should but most of the time it jerks and stutters all over the screen when im trying to move it.
Also it stops responding to button presses ( ie wont select an item when its clicked on)
this is the 64 bit version.
4 GB Ram, and an ati radeon X1950 256mb graphics card.

Edit: when the same P.C is running vista, there are no mouse problems at all, on the windows 7 side of things, ive updated the drivers for the mouse ( microsoft standard wireless mouse) and updated the graphics card drivers ( using the vista 64bit ones) but still the mouse stutters and jerks, making windows 7 completely unusable.
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